Licensing & Copyright

Can I share or sell the images I’ve purchased?

No! When purchasing a mockup or stock image from Field Office Supply, you are agreeing to out Terms and Conditions. Basically you can’t share this file with anybody—and why would you want to? Developing *one* of these images is crazy time intensive and I can only do it if everybody pays their fair share. If you give my files away so that others don’t buy it from me, I won’t be able to make more!

Do I have to credit you when I use the image?

Nope! But if you want to, I’d sure appreciate it!

What about copyright?

After you purchase this image, I retain the original copyright and you receive commercial and personal use rights.You may not transfer rights to this file or sell it in any form to a third party.

File Specs & Downloads

What are the image dimensions and resolution of your images?

All images are high resolution at 300 dpi. Please refer to the image specs on each file for specific dimension information.

How are the files set up? Do they include layers?

All Field Office mockups are built to be easy to use. They include layers and smart objects that are organized in folders and labeled for clarity. Each mockup comes with instructions.

Stock images are one layer.

What is included with my purchase?

This is a digital product, which means that once you make your purchase, you will be able to download the file. You will not receive a physical product!

Mockups come with relevant instructions. Please note that the artwork used in the sample images is for example only and will not be included with your purchase.